Thematic test

Testul poligraf tematic

The thematic polygraph test is a well-formulated / procedurally structured form and aims to clarify the potential implication or non-implication of a person in a controversial event. At the same time, the form of participation (author, co-author, accomplice, instigator, concealer, etc.) is established.

In the past few years, more and more individuals or representatives of legal entities have been interested in and used the services provided by licensed specialist offices to detect simulated behavior (the lie detector / truth). This opportunity has become quite accessible in the recent years as a result of the appearance of some specialists in the private area and the monopoly held by the police and the secret services has been eliminated.

This type of test with a well-defined theme is highly sought by both legal entities and individuals in various areas such as:

– the disappearance of material goods from private dwellings or from the premises / deposits of some companies;

– the disappearance of some money (in real terms or through theft of thefts)

– direct or indirect participation of employees, with or without complicity, in the production of material damages;

– providing confidential information to certain individuals or entities that are not entitled to know them

– verifying defamatory accusations

– establishing the veracity of statements of persons subject to criminal or civil action, at the request of the elected defendants (law firms)

– reducing the suspect circle and directing administrative or criminal investigations in a certain sense

– checking people’s belongings to illegal organizations

– falsifying financial accounting documents for misappropriating funds or hiding traces of economic crime

– the thematic polygraph test solves the cases in which the committing of criminal offenses by persons who can not be held responsible due to the existence of favorable conjunctural factors (to hide the true perpetrators)

– thematic polygraph test can also be used to establish conjugal fidelity in case of well-defined suspicions

– in many other situations where it is necessary to establish the state of the affairs

-the thematic polygraph test is adaptable to any conjuctual situation.