Applied Psychology in Public and Private Security

Evaluare si selectie de personal

Evaluation and selection of staff for the occupation of posts of special importance.

* Analyze and establish the psychological profile in the case of persons with operative functions.

* Ensuring psychological support for people involved in specific tasks.

* Reporting the psychological profile of the candidates to the psychological requirements of the job.

* Identify and manage risk factors and individual or group psychological vulnerabilities.

* Regular assessments, according to the provisions of the Labor Code, for the staff members, regardless of the job type.

* Testing and advising people to hire as unarmed personnel.

* Testing and advising people to obtain the gun gun license.

* Periodic testing, according to law, of permit holders port gun.

* Psychological evaluation of security and protection staff, local police or other assimilated staff, for supervising / ensuring health and safety conditions at work and for preventing accidents and occupational diseases;

* Evaluating the psychological characteristics and stressors specific to psychological training and control of operational stress, the characteristics of the organizational environment in the field of protection and protection, local police or other assimilated personnel and / or the environment for carrying out the specific actions, the psychological factors influencing the participation and performance in conducting specific actions;

* Psychological assessment of security and protection personnel, local police or other individuals for the purchase, possession and use of lethal weapons and ammunition and explosives;

* Individual psychological evaluation for the selection of candidates for specific activities;

* Primary psychological counseling to optimize the decision-making and relational behavior of the staff with management / execution responsibilities and the provision of specialized consultancy for the leaders of the security and protection structures, the local or assimilated police, for the management of specific activities, including intervention and fast bargaining to overcome the emotional critical stage.