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Detector minciuni

      The cost of a polygraph examination is determined, contextually, according to the number of persons concerned in the same case, the complexity of the case for which the examination is requested, the type of testing (thematic test in civil, criminal or commercial cases, preventive testing, integrity test employment, fidelity in the couple, TV shows etc.) or the place where the examination takes place (at our headquarters, at the headquarters of the beneficiary in a neutral headquarters).

      For getting a preferential rate adjusted your situation please contact us by phone or email.

        Psychology applied in the field of public and private security (lethal or non-lethal weapon, detective notice, private security company managers, personal profile evaluations, other opinions and unspecified assessments) – negotiable tariff depending on the purpose and the number of individuals evaluated individually or in group (150-450 lei / person).


1. Job integrity test _ 300 – 450 lei
2. Preventive test _ 350-450 lei
3. Thematic polygraph test_ 600 – 1.800 lei
4. Couple fidelity test _ 700 – 1.400 lei
5. Criminal cases polygraph test _1.200 – 4.500 lei
6. Polygraph test for media_ 900-1.400 lei

Tariffs are applied contextually depending on the topic of examination (civil, commercial or criminal case), the complexity of the case and / or the number of persons concerned in the same case.