Polygraph Testing Services

Decisions under uncertainty, reliance or discrediting some employees or collaborators are certainly potential sources of error that can cause serious damage to your organization. In these cases using the technique of simulated behavior detection ( polygraph ) as psihofiziologiei integrated forensic scientific method, is more than a solution.

Thus, by testing sincere or insincere people presumably, realize:

• Elimination of the circle of suspects sincere people who are suspected due to their unfavorable circumstances;

• Reduce the circle of suspects and administrative investigation focusing on people directly involved in various causes;

• Check loyalty and fairness to employees by employers;

• Prevent Theft of companies through periodic examinations of employees;

• Establishing fairness and sincerity job applicants against the requirements of the employer ;

• Establishing the veracity of the claims of persons in every situation;

• Establishing sincerity business partners;

• Detection of whistle-blowers or libelous statements;

• Establishing the truth where, about the same event or issue, many people make contradictory statements;

• Identifying demonstrate sincerity or insincerity that a person in a transaction;

• Detection of persons who by false statements, seeking to obtain material benefits;

• Identify and handler of value managers who, during their activity, appropriated goods, money or valuables from work or eased this other person;

• Identification of individuals providing confidential data from their jobs to people outside the company, people who have no right to know;

• Consideration of candidates to be appointed or promoted to positions of responsibility;

• Any other tests to determine a person’s position in relation to an objective reality.

• In a polygraph examination technique does not address issues related to political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

• In Romania is voluntary polygraph test is carried out with the written consent of the person, and not imposed refusal to examine legal effect.

Our office is in collaboration and under the supervision of top experts from Romanian police polygraph.