Integrity test

Testul de integritate

It has as main purpose the polygraph testing to identify the potential vulnerabilities of some people in the key employment phase. We start from the following premise: a candidate may have one or more vulnerable areas, such as: financial pressures, drug use, gambling, prejudice to previous employers and others.

The Integrity Test

The integrity test has as main purpose the identification of potential vulnerabilities of people in the hiring or promotion stage in positions of special importance. The information presented by the candidate does not always reflect the true state of affairs. It is possible for the person concerned to have one or more vulnerabilities that may interfere in a negative way with the nature and specifics of the job occupied.

Examples include: membership of certain illegal organizations, drug use, gambling addiction, unpaid loans to individuals or banks made to satisfy vices, intentional damage caused to previous employers by theft, fraud, forgery, destruction, fraudulent management and other similar facts, providing confidential information, committing offenses not covered by police, etc.

After applying the integrity test (depending on the themes considered by the employer as relevant), we determine the existence or absence of personal vulnerabilities and the degree of risk assumed by the employing company.

The evaluation procedure (the integrity test) is in fact an interview based on the development of the information initially exposed in the CV, but inherently on topics that are not commonly found in the personal presentation (see potential vulnerabilities). The examined person has the opportunity to provide relevant information, details and explanations depending on which test questions are built. Finally, he is in a position to answer honestly or disingenuously to the agreed questions.

As an example, one of the most obvious vulnerability situations in which a candidate for employment can be found is entering the perimeter dangerously outlined by borrowing money (and unavoidably, obviously) for practicing gambling concurrently with the consumption of drugs.