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    About cabinet - Poligraf Intelltest

    Our office provide the guarantee of confidentiality , professionalism and methods of procedural acts performed. Interested persons , regardless of their position term ( victim's decider person or other persons having an interest legitimate ) benefit from free consultancy to define features solved case.
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    Test integrity polygraph

    Integrity test is mainly aimed polygraph testing to identify potential vulnerabilities of some persons in employment in key positions phase. We start from the following premise: a candidate may have one or more vulnerable areas, such as outstanding loans to individuals ( moneylenders ), drugs, gambling, harm to previous employers and others.
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    Evaluation staff in leading positions

    For leading positions regardless of specific work performed, personnel must meet a series of conditions imposed psychologically . In practice tests are used particularly frequently integrity tests matching specific job and complex individual assessment.
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    Recruitment and selection

    The methods and specific psychological assessment we match between psychological profile determined by the specific posts or occupations and eventual psychological profile of the candidate or occupant. Also set, percentage level matching and ranking of people applying for framing important positions within an organization.
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    Cabinets / psychologists - certified polygraph examiners in Romania

    Polygraph examination is carried out in the offices authorized by psychologist , certified by the College of Psychologists of Romania
    *Psychology and offices approved

Neagu polygraph cabinet

Our office provide the guarantee of confidentiality, professionalism ...

Polygraph test

Integrity test is mainly aimed polygraph testing to identify potential vulnerabilities ...

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